Here’s the situation in a “Nutshell”. It doesn’t matter which political party you support, to vote Romney/Ryan will effectually hand the Oval Office, thus America, over to the Koch Brothers. The Kochs and their Company, Koch Industries, are without doubt among the most evil “soldiers of fortune” in America, and among the worst in the world. They are the largest private company in the United States with businesses operating in forty-five States. That’s big. You would think that they would be extremely proud of that distinction and all the prosperity that accompanies it, but that isn’t the case with the Kochs. Instead they are content with the fact that they are the largest Polluters of our Air, Land and Waterways in America. They are responsible for innumerable Crimes Against Humanity and Environment in their total disregard for communities all across America. Adults, Children, Animals, Fish, Plant Life, Soil and who know what else, are right now experiencing all sorts of Disease, Sickness, Mysterious Illness, Death and Decay as a result of the toxic output from their industrial facilities. They spend their Billions on fighting for what they consider their right to do as they please at all of our expense. Their operations are generally located near poorer working class communities that have hard times making ends meet in the first place. It’s just mind boggling how the Kochs have spit upon their fellow Americans and the freedoms our Society affords them to enrich themselves so plentifully. Another reputation precedes the Kochs also, and that is the fact that they have contributed to the Racist Movement aimed at thwarting any advancements of Minorities in America.

So, the question that perplexes me with regard to this Election is how is it that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, who are professed Good and Patriotic and Religious Models of our Society, allow such despots like the Koch Brothers, be their Most Highly Esteemed, Primary and Largest Political Handlers and Financial Backers? If we take a close listen to various speeches, interviews and statements attributed to Mitt, Ryan and their Presidential Election Team, you can easily envision them reading from carefully designed and rehearsed scripts. The reason is that the Kochs are known to demand that their puppets be lock-stepped with their sick ideologies. Folks are going crazy trying to figure Mitt out with regard to his seemingly shift to a very different and Moderate political position. This reflects the Kochs very well in the sense that Mitt and Ryan are constantly spewing, willingly or unwillingly, any UNTRUTHS the Koch Scripts demand. Really doesn’t seem very appealing for Mitt and Ryan’s Goody-Goody images. Allowing themselves to be associated in any way with the Kochs actually places Mitt and Ryan in a category of being, at the very least, Guilty by Association, and Aiding and Abetting these Environmentalist Terrorists. We Americans should not allow ourselves to fall into this ugly category.


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The Contango Game: How Koch Industries Manipulates The Oil Market For Profit

pIn recent weeks, gas prices around the country have surged to levels unseen since the 2008 oil spike. However, market fundamentals are not driving the nearly $4.00/gallon gas prices. In fact, under the Obama administration, oil production is at record highs and there is adequate global supply of crude. As Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) […]/p

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Billionaire Investor Who Compared Taxing The Rich To Nazi Invasions Will Hold Fundraiser For Romney

pLast summer, mega-investor and Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman — who has a net worth of about $4.7 billion, according to Forbes — said Democratic efforts to close a pernicious tax provision known as the carried interest loophole was akin to Nazi invasions during World War II. “It’s a war,” Schwarzman said. “It’s like when Hitler […]/p

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Right-Wing Billionaires Behind Mitt Romney | Politics News | Rolling Stone

THIS WHOLE THING IS ABOUT SUPER WEALTH WAGING A “HOSTILE TAKEOVER” OF AMERICA!!!  As Election Day is a matter of a couple of weeks away, I’ve just awakened to the horrible truth that too many of us don’t really know what’s at stake this election,  and how “Big Money/Big Corp is attempting to not only BUY this election, but actually BUY America. None of us have ever really given a serious thought as to the possibilities of this being possible, not even in the event that a World War broke out and America appeared to be losing the battle. Thank God that’s not the case here! At this time, we aren’t being threatened by any major super-power in this world, but rather a war that is being waged from of all places, within our own United States. This Hostile Takeover is led by the likes of the Koch Brothers, who know that this hijacking is only possible by capturing the Oval Office, and these guys are world class Chess Players. The Koch Brothers own the second largest Private Corporation in America (Koch Industries), have their operations in 42 States, are serial polluters responsible for nearly ALL POLLUTION in this Country, and are perfect examples of Greed in it’s most disgusting, extreme, and degenerate form. They have no regard for People, Animals, our Environment, the quality of Air, Sea or Land, only MONEY, and more and more of it. Their businesses are at this very moment, causing serious illness and death in towns and cities all across America. Oh, and among other things that they own are Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Scott Walker, Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove, the Tea Party, the Extreme Conservative Right Wing of our Government, and yes, MITT ROMNEY too. They’ve single handedly turned the Republican Party into the “Party of the Rich”. Another dark side to the Kochs is that they are life-long Racists of the worst sorts, even to the extent that they have for years led and financed ongoing efforts to eliminate much of our Public School systems, and instead have Private School systems in their place, thus giving them power to control the amount and quality of education America’s children can receive. Let’s not fool ourselves as to who will be the victims of their ruthless selection process, and that would be children of the minority and lesser means. They are for any and all programs that will limit or eliminate resources for minorities, the elderly, the poor, Women, and especially Government laws and agencies that dare to Tax the wealthy, or attempting to stop them from their illness inducing Polluting of our Environment. And the Gay Rights movement, whether we individually are for or against it, won’t stand a chance with the likes of these guys in charge. They are the ones who engineered the use of the term “ObamaCare” to give the new National Healthcare program a racist “Code” name to paint a negative vision in our minds. Their hatred for this program strictly concerns their Government hating attitudes and, as they see it, reversal of fortunes for themselves and their league of cronies.They have deceived us, through the use of diverting our attention away from the truth, by painting a huge picture of fear for the possibilities of war with China, Russia, Iran, Syria, etc., while along the only real war we are experiencing is with these Clowns of Misery. Control, Power and Financial Gain is what it’s all about. The truly sad thing about all of this is that we have bought their agenda hook, line and sinker like helpless sheep being led to the edge of the cliff of doom.   Right-Wing Billionaires Behind Mitt Romney | Politics News | Rolling Stone.



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Jim Hightower | Plutocrats on welfare

Jim Hightower | Plutocrats on welfare.


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Five Questions Martha Raddatz Could Have Asked About Abortion In Last Night’s Vice Presidential Debate

pI was gritting my teeth waiting for a question, any question, to be asked about reproductive health, contraception, insurance coverage for women’s health, or sexual assault at last night’s debate. So I was glad that moderator Martha Raddatz asked about abortion. But I was less than thrilled with how she phrased the question, asking Vice […]/p

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Romney: ‘We Don’t Have People Who Die Because They Don’t Have Insurance’

Romney: ‘We Don’t Have People Who Die Because They Don’t Have Insurance’.


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