Cruel Country: Debtors Prisons Are Punishing the Poor Across America | Alternet

04 May

While we have been Asleep, indulging in Fantasies, idly Chatting/Gossiping, etc., here are some of the things that we have been allowing to slip pass our sight and guard. Anything imaginable, to our detriment, is possible and will be employed as long as there is no exposure and opposition. We must not allow the lords of Greed, Power-Brokering, Opportunity and Self-Righteousness, to boldly walk into our midst unchallenged, totally disregarding our Constitutional Rights, and transforming us into their personal SLAVES. All this is made possible by our allowing them to divert our attention away from their destructive and intrusive agenda by encouraging us to immerse ourselves in useless “Playtime Timeout” 24/7/365 activities. This is military-like Psychological Warfare! They utilize precision tactics, ie., ongoing, off and on chaos, inciting uprisings, verbal and physical attacks, etc., in all corners of the world resulting in counter threats and like responses, saber-rattling words of war, etc., from those targeted. These Robber Barons possess a ton of other disruptive weapons to capture our imaginations away from their true agendas and devilish deeds. One of their strongest achievements has been their hijacking of our Federal Government, especially Congress, rendering it nearly helpless in getting anything done to benefit Americans. They use their endless financial resources to buy/finance/own Politicians who we, as taxpayers, pay to get things needed done. All these tactics employed by them are aimed at Stressing Us Out and causing us to seek relief via our burying our heads in the sands of self-indulging activities. They will take all that we allow them to take and bury us deeper and deeper by our own hands as long as we allow them to be successful in their entrapment of America as well as the World. WAKE UP!!

Cruel Country: Debtors Prisons Are Punishing the Poor Across America | Alternet.


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