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9 Greedy CEOs Trying to Shred the Safety Net While Pigging Out on Corporate Welfare | Alternet

9 Greedy CEOs Trying to Shred the Safety Net While Pigging Out on Corporate Welfare | Alternet.


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Lesson Plan | Understanding the Mathematics of the Fiscal Cliff –

Lesson Plan | Understanding the Mathematics of the Fiscal Cliff –


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California Shows Signs of Resurgence –

California Shows Signs of Resurgence –

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6 Restaurants You Should Avoid If You Don’t Want Your Food Cooked By Sick People | Alternet

This is the type of ignorant, mind-bogglingly selfish attitudes that got America into the type of trouble that has plagued us, so far, through two presidencies. The biggest obstacle to recovery from America’s financial woes is the unwillingness of Owners, CEO’s and other Industry Heads to cooperate with any efforts aimed at helping our economy to get back on it’s feet. Their refusal to join our efforts in finding and implementing solutions that will help everyone is the reason we have to put everything on hold until laws are eventually passed in efforts to bypass these selfish, ungrateful, money-grubbing obstructionists. Their multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses are far more important than the survival of their employees or our Nation. On the other side of the coin are their customers, us, who to allow them to continue exercising their selfish disregard free of consequence, ie., BOYCOTTS: 6 Restaurants You Should Avoid If You Don’t Want Your Food Cooked By Sick People | Alternet.


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Veterans Report – CBO Report Takes Aim at Pay and Benefits

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) should really take a good look at the huge windfalls those in Congress are enjoying while they are screwing-up our entire Political Process. They vote themselves pay raises very frequently while failing

 our Nation by not being honest brokers and custodians for the affairs of the People., and they have the nerve to tell others to pay their fair share. They don’t deserve the money they are being paid for being obstructionists to any sane bill put forth that will ease the plight of we 99%ers. They also constantly overrun their expense allowances in most wasteful ways. Let the CBO go after some of this unearned money allotted Congress instead of attacking the very men and women who put their lives on the line in the defense of this Country. Those responsible for this scapegoat irresponsible report should be dealt with for trying to insult our intelligence. This is total disrespect for the sacrifices of our brave warriors. We all must let our Congress know that we are not going for this nonsense.

SEE THIS REPORT: Veterans Report – CBO Report Takes Aim at Pay and Benefits.

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Here’s the situation in a “Nutshell”. It doesn’t matter which political party you support, to vote Romney/Ryan will effectually hand the Oval Office, thus America, over to the Koch Brothers. The Kochs and their Company, Koch Industries, are without doubt among the most evil “soldiers of fortune” in America, and among the worst in the world. They are the largest private company in the United States with businesses operating in forty-five States. That’s big. You would think that they would be extremely proud of that distinction and all the prosperity that accompanies it, but that isn’t the case with the Kochs. Instead they are content with the fact that they are the largest Polluters of our Air, Land and Waterways in America. They are responsible for innumerable Crimes Against Humanity and Environment in their total disregard for communities all across America. Adults, Children, Animals, Fish, Plant Life, Soil and who know what else, are right now experiencing all sorts of Disease, Sickness, Mysterious Illness, Death and Decay as a result of the toxic output from their industrial facilities. They spend their Billions on fighting for what they consider their right to do as they please at all of our expense. Their operations are generally located near poorer working class communities that have hard times making ends meet in the first place. It’s just mind boggling how the Kochs have spit upon their fellow Americans and the freedoms our Society affords them to enrich themselves so plentifully. Another reputation precedes the Kochs also, and that is the fact that they have contributed to the Racist Movement aimed at thwarting any advancements of Minorities in America.

So, the question that perplexes me with regard to this Election is how is it that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, who are professed Good and Patriotic and Religious Models of our Society, allow such despots like the Koch Brothers, be their Most Highly Esteemed, Primary and Largest Political Handlers and Financial Backers? If we take a close listen to various speeches, interviews and statements attributed to Mitt, Ryan and their Presidential Election Team, you can easily envision them reading from carefully designed and rehearsed scripts. The reason is that the Kochs are known to demand that their puppets be lock-stepped with their sick ideologies. Folks are going crazy trying to figure Mitt out with regard to his seemingly shift to a very different and Moderate political position. This reflects the Kochs very well in the sense that Mitt and Ryan are constantly spewing, willingly or unwillingly, any UNTRUTHS the Koch Scripts demand. Really doesn’t seem very appealing for Mitt and Ryan’s Goody-Goody images. Allowing themselves to be associated in any way with the Kochs actually places Mitt and Ryan in a category of being, at the very least, Guilty by Association, and Aiding and Abetting these Environmentalist Terrorists. We Americans should not allow ourselves to fall into this ugly category.


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