21 Sep

I must pay a sincere to Compliment Dr. Gregory Prince, Mormon Historian, Author, and Former Mitt Romney Financial Supporter. Appearing on “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell”  show on MSNBC TV last night, Dr. Prince explained why he was shocked by Mitt Romney’s “47%”, representing nearly half of all Americans, remarks reported earlier this week, was due to the fact that the remarks made are totally contrary to the teachings and doctrines of the Mormon Church. One of the main doctrines of the Church is the absolute need by all Mormon to never forget, and always be sensitive to, the needs and plight of the Poor. When he heard and saw Mitt’s taped remarks, his thoughts immediately shifted back to the days when he and Mitt were young Missionaries for the Church working overseas. Because of this whole episode, along with other too hard to swallow campaign positions colliding with Church teachings, he no longer supports Mitt. Dr. Prince is a ranking member who is highly respected for his historical knowledge and writings on the Church. While on the subject of Dr. Prince being a leading Church Historian, it’s interesting to note that The Church maintains the world’s largest Family History and Genealogy archives, over 10 billion records strong. That would even make J. Edgar Hoover turn red with envy. It is the go-to resource for all things ancestry.     
It was a refreshing change away from the usual nonsense for me when I tuned-in to this show and saw such honesty on display. This is the mark of a person with great conviction, courage and honesty, who openly and honestly offered not the usual spin cover for one of the Church’s own sons, but instead, a stern rebuke for the failure on Mitt’s part to remember and respect what is one of their church’s core philosophies. I didn’t need to be Mormon to respect and admire Dr Prince’s resolve.

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