Paul Ryan Obscures His Koch-Backed Agenda With a Pack of Lies in Convention Speech | Alternet

30 Aug

Paul Ryan Obscures His Koch-Backed Agenda With a Pack of Lies in Convention Speech | Alternet.

I listened to Paul Ryan’s super-spirited speech last night and I must say it was one of the best I’ve heard from any convention speaker. Trouble is HE WAS INTENTIONALLY MISLEADING IN ALMOST EVERY WAY. I don’t care which Party you support, it is a total insult to our intelligence for any person representing or hoping to represent the American people to do what Mr Ryan did, and that was to knowingly lie without any hesitation whatsoever. I spoke to a couple of my neighbors who were at the convention, and they were having great trouble trying to understand the logic behind the words that poured forth from his mouth. It really didn’t do anything to help turn around the way so many people of all parties view him. Anyone with any degree of instinct or intuitiveness can’t help but perceive Ryan as a complete phony, fraud and old fashioned “snake oil salesman”, even when he is telling the truth. It’s just in his mannerisms, facial features, intense overselling voice and posture which just might not be his fault. I for one think that he was born with a natural gift for selling. However, I know that I would never buy a used car from him.

Here’s the real problem that far too many people are having with Mr Ryan, regardless of which Party they belong to, and that is what happens if he had to, for whatever reason, step up to replace Mitt as President? There’s already a growing feeling among voters of all stripes, that as one of the hatchet men for the Koch Brothers, Mitt is the “false front” Presidential Candidate for Ryan. Far too many wise folks are remembering the lessons learned in the similar set-up with Dick Cheney and President Bush. It was very evident from the beginning Cheney was “the man”. While Bush posed as President, Cheney was always “underground” where he was engineering the Corporate Hijacking of our United States Government. We see the results of that seedy undertaking which has brought us to where we are now. Now we have Ryan as the chosen one to continue this insane path of transference of wealth from the pockets of the hard working people of this Country, into the hands of a very small club of Power Brokers intent on eliminating the Middle Class of this Country. And you know what? We’re letting them get away with it almost without any fight. How did we become so passive and comatose-like?!

Honestly though, we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves for falling for these guys silly rabbit hat tricks. We probably couldn’t have done too much about it anyway. I say this because of a few powerful advantages these people have over the rest of us. The first reality is that they are SMARTER THAN US. They have it in their genes, passed down through a long ancestral bloodline of privilege, training and teachings from the very best tutors, private schools, academies, universities, etc.. They’ve never had to “work” for a living, only think and scheme. Another advantage is that they have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD. It doesn’t have to be done by tomorrow. They’ll just wait the opponent out. Finally, there is their tremendous confidence that THEY WILL WIN! You see, with generations of wealth at hand, and all the time on their side, if the “plan” encounters troublesome obstacles, then they’ll just recess for now and let the next generation deal with it. There is no dis-benefit in waiting because there are no urgencies of any consequence, such as the mortgage has to be paid by whenever or we need to put food on the table. This is how one family, such as the Rothschilds, have come to a point where they actually own more than half of all the wealth on this planet.

So, back to our main subject, that being Mr Ryan. Being that he was born and raised like so many of us, he doesn’t share the rich heritage of the people he’s working for. Easy to impress a dreamy-eyed “lowly” working class family guy by waving shiploads of riches before his face. However, it’s strictly Ryan’s fault for allowing himself to be led down the path of neo-conservatism and becoming in ideologue. For a very intelligent guy with such great professed morals and values, he has failed his “neighbor” by joining the obnoxious


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